Sunday, June 10, 2007

Art that rolls! Art in movement! Surprisng at stop signs, art on the fly-by. Orchestrated by Wray, NJ artist and HOOP, (self acclaimed King of Art, Clifton, NJ.
We are thinking of bumper stickers as a kind of Americanized, Japanese Haiku. A consise, positive melding of image / words, not meant to incite road rage.
Eighteen Lumber Co.East Brunswick, NJ invited us to use the side of their panel truck for creative projects. So wind, rain and snow did not prevent us from sanding and painting the truck in preparation even though it is hardly ever standing still long enough. The job got done and stickers began to go on and more came in and now the truck rolls 6 days of the week. Creative freedom on the sides of the truck. 45 teens from New Hope Foundation, NJ. Artists from around the world and local teens.